Cat Boarding

Welcome to Rondivills Cat Boarding Kennel


Our cat boarding kennel serving Richmond , Vancouver & Surround areas for more than 35 years!

Three Spacious Rooms

Bright , Skylights , Large windows to look outside and see the birds

Cleaned daily to the highest standards.


Individual fibre glass cage too themselves so we can monitor litter use and food consuption

Premium Cat Food – Firstmate Pet Foods Salmon Dry Formula & Wet.

All Inclusive – Litter , Bedding , Litter Pans , Dishes

Exercised on rotation in 2 hour intervals to themselves as most cats aren’t social with other cats.



Scratch Posts , Beds , Places to hide , areas to climb.

Enclosed Outdoor Patio

Constant human interaction

Can accomodate cats of all sizes and temperments



 Cat Boarding Richmond

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