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Welcome to Rondivills Cat Boarding Kennel

Rondivills Cat Boarding kennel has been serving Vancouver, Richmond & surrounding cities for more than 35 years! Located near all major exits from Vancouver International Airport, US Border, BC Ferries! We provide three clean, bright and spacious rooms for our feline guests. The cats in our care are each assigned their own fibre glass suite large enough to accommodate litter, bedding, food & water. This is the best way for us to make sure every cat is eating, drinking and using their litter pan.Each cat suite and rooms get sanitized daily with the highest of standards.

The cat boarding area is second to none, boasting a stunning mountain view and lit by skylights. Where they can sunbathe in and a gazebo outside the window filled with small song birds. Which is a wonderful source of entertainment for any cat! Our cat accommodations are in a separate wing of the facility. Away from our dog boarding area, ensuring a quiet & stress-free stay with us. All three rooms furnished with cat towers for lounging and scratching posts. All rooms have air conditioning and an adjoining enclosed patio.

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Every individual cat every two hours gets to explore throughout the rooms each day. All our cat gets constant human interaction. Our cat boarding is all inclusive. We feed quality dry & wet cat food, litter & pans, dishes and bedding. If your feline friend has specific dietary needs feel free to bring along their own food.We also offer grooming services for your feline friends! Whether its a bath or a haircut we cna help you out!  Our experienced staff can administer medication for no extra cost. The cat boarding kennel is a safe, relaxing and clean facility for your cat to enjoy! Please come by for a tour.


We look forward to meeting you!  


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