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Welcome To Rondivills Dog Boarding Kennel


Welcome to Rondivills Dog Boarding kennel , In buisness for more than 35 years! Serving Vancouver and Richmond.Family owned and operated by the most experienced staff in the dog boarding industry.With years of experience caring for animals , we know dogs and their behaviours. We spend a great deal of time getting to know each dog that boards with us! Our staff live on site and each night tuck the dogs in at 10:00pm. Beds and blankets given to every dog. We are located on five park like acres in a country setting with easy access to all departure points. YVR , BC Ferries & US Border.

We have 60 individual dog runs , that have radiant heated floors for a cozy good nights rest. Each run is 22ft long by 5ft wide and each dog has indoor/outdoor access all day and evening until bedtime. Our kennel is all inclusive , so everything your dog will need is . Food , Dishes , Bedding and toys included in our nightly rate! You may bring a bed or item of clothing with your scent on it as it is something familar for your dog! We always adivise our clients if you do provide any sleeping materials that theres a small chance you may not get them back. We have to launder most items daily and considering we have hundreds of our own , yours may get mixed in with our belongings.Our main focus is caring for every dog in our care , not tracking down blankets and toys! 

Safe and Secure facility , Where your dog can be themselves!

We provide optimum care for the dogs in our care! At Rondivills Kennels we take feeding seriously. It is one of the most important aspects of the boarding experience. We feed only high quality dog foods. They’re grain free and come in a vareity of recipes.

Our secret to success when it comes to feeding is our homemade stew. With human grade ingredients like rice , mixed veggies , ground beef and broth. It is gentle on stomachs and smells delicious! Encouraging even the pickiest eaters. Dogs with allergies or any food sensitivities are more than welcome to bring their own food. We can accomodate all diets! We have a fridge and deep freezer for raw and homemade concoations. Each kennel has a 4 quart stainless steel water bowl , replenished 4 times a day! So if your pet is sensitive please supply their own!

Open For your complete inspection

While your dog boards with us we enjoy buddying them with another dog! We match small breeds with small and large breeds with large. Having a companion while boarding makes for a fun visit with us! Buddying is optional and we know not every dog is gonna want to share its space!We don’t discriminate , All breeds are welcome! Unneutered and unspayed as well! Young and old , big or small ! We take them all!

During your dogs stay at Rondivills Dog Boarding Kennel has a few exercise options to cater to every dogs needs. Daily on leash walks on our property , duration depends on age and energy level. We reccomend this for our senior friends or for those who arent social with others. If your dog is social or requires alot of exercise each day we suggest signing them up in our daycare program. Depending on each dogs specific needs it can be anywhere from 2-4 hours each day! Our daycare is indoor/outdoor and  is sectioned off into 9 areas! Making our play area welcoming to all sizes and breeds. It is supervised by a pet care specialist and we slowly introduce each dog into our pack! Safety is very important here as well as making sure each dog has a good time in our care!

Dog Boarding

If you are new to the dog boarding experience we strongly encourage you too come by for a tour! This can by done anytime between our office hours! It is so important to see where your pet will stay! Don’t book before you look!. If you think Rondivills Kennels is the place for your pup then an overnight stay would be your next step! Bring your dog at 8am one morning and pick them up the next day at 6pm! Your dog will have two days and one night with us! We will be able to tell you how they did and it will allow your dog to familiarize themselves with our staff , daily routine and being away from you!

Come by for a tour , We look forward to meeting you!


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