Dog Boarding

Welcome To Rondivills Dog Boarding


Serving Richmond , Vancouver & surrounding areas.

Large Facility with 60 kennels.

Heated Indoor/Outdoor Runs.

5 acres of land, in a country setting.

Veteran Staff of 20 years that are caring , knowledgeable & true animals lovers.


Dog Boarding

24/7 onsite staff.

Individual Runs where your dog can keep to themselves or be carefully matched with a companion.

Cleaned to the highest standards.

All Inclusive – food, bedding , dishes and toys.


Premium dog food – Firstmate Lamb & Brown Rice Formula

Homemade Rice Based Stew full of goodness that will entice any dog to eat!

Medication is adminstered at no extra charge from vitamins to insulin we do it all!

You may bring your dogs own food especially if they have any allergies or stomach issues!

Exercise options available to cater to all different breeds , ages & sizes.

Two walks a day around the property on leash for the older crowd or those that may not socialize well with others.


We Accept all breeds



Supervised playtime in our daycare

Rotated every 2 hours, by size and temperment.

We accept Unneutered and unspayed but depending on age cannot socialize in our play area.

All dogs must be up to date with their vaccines , contact us for which ones we require.



Open For Your Complete Inspection , Contact us now for more info!