Rondivills Kennels Dog & Cat Grooming

Dog & Cat Grooming for Richmond , Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

We groom dogs and Cats of all breeds & Sizes

Cat Grooming

Proffesional , Highly Skilled , Expert Groomers

Grooming available seven days a week

If your dog or cat has sensitive skin we offer a gentle oatmeal shampoo or you may bring their own.


Please specify what you would like done when you drop off your pet.

We recommend having your dog bathed/groomed every 4-6 weeks depending on coat length , skin.




Quality Shampoos , Cool Air Dryers

One on one , Personal , No Assembly line treatments

Bath & Brushouts , Tidy Ups , Full Haircuts.

Nail Clipping and Ear Cleaning is included or can be done separate.

We massage all the dogs while they are being washed to make for a positive experience.

Our groomers are patient and are good with puppies especially.


Are able to utility clips or breed standard.



Bring your dog for a day of doggy daycare and add a groom!

 Another suggestion is to simply freshen up your dog for a special occasion or too maintain your dogs overall health by bringing them regularly!


Affordable Pricing.

Also we reccomend adding a grooming package for your dog or cat while they board with us! We do it on the day you pick up so they go home fresh and clean.


Remember to brush your dogs daily if they have long hair and your like it long , matting can be tricky and painful for your dog and it leads to us having to shave.


Call us now , our groomers will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Especially if this is your dogs first haircut or any specifics you want to go over. 


Here at Rondivills Kennels Dog and Cat Grooming we want your pet to look and feel its best!