“I wanted to send in a review on your business as you guys have been so good to Buddy. Rondivills is the best doggy day care and dog kennel in the entire Vancouver/Fraser valley area. Buddy has been coming here for almost 10 years! We kenneled Buddy for 3 week when we went to South Africa and we came home to a VERY happy dog! Buddy goes to doggy daycare daily, It makes our lives so much easier knowing that all the people at Rondivills love our dog as much as we do! Everyone working at Rondivills make it a fabulous place for anyone to drop of their pets and feel good doing it!

Thanks for all the amazing help and work you do there!”

—Craig, Kristen and Buddy

“I couldn’t resist sharing my dog boarding experience at Rondivills with you. I’ve been boarding my dogs Tuck and Remington two very enthusiastic yet wonderful Golden Retrievers for about four years at Rondivills Kennels.

The minute I reach the Knight Street Bridge my boys start a back seat dance that rivals any comedy skit. They are so excited to be going to the kennel! Tails waging at full force and whimpers of excitement accompany on the ride.

When we finally arrive at Rondivills no leashes are required, I simply open the back door and out they go, bounding for the front gate. The amazing staff greet them with loving hugs and kisses, they don’t even look back for a good bye glance. They stand at the door to the kennel with tails waving and are off on their doggy vacation.
Nothing could be more reassuring to me as their owner, knowing how well they are treated and loved at Rondivills.”

—Sam, Carly and the boys

“We have been bringing our Old English Sheepdog, Rufus, to Rondivills since he was just 3 months old. Before Rufus arrived with us we took our time to carefully look at all of the doggie daycare facilities that were close to both our home and work in the Richmond area and Rondivills was by far the best available.

Over the past two years Rufus has come to look upon Rondivills as a second home. Every weekday morning he cannot wait to get to daycare to see all of his buddies and have yet another fun filled day. Thanks to the daycare at Rondivills our little guy quickly became socialized with dogs of numerous different breeds and sizes which have helped to make him a very well adjusted and personable dog.

In addition to using the daycare facilities Rufus is also a regular when it comes to using the grooming facilities at Rondivills. As an Old English Sheepdog needs regular grooming it is such a luxury for us to know that we have such excellent dog grooming available when we need it, which is about every two months. We always receive compliments on how Rufus looks after he has been clipped and frequently get asked where he is groomed.

Rufus also boards at Rondivills when we have to travel. We always know that he is in excellent hands and is well cared for when we are traveling. This makes our trips much more enjoyable knowing that he is happy and comfortable.

Additionally Rondivills is where we go to get our dog food. They stock the excellent FirstMate dog food line which is an excellent product which uses great quality ingredients and is produced locally. FirstMate dog food is perfectly suited for dogs which have food intolerances as Rufus does and knowing that we can always find his food at Rondivills is a major bonus for us and makes us look upon Rondivills as our one stop shop for all of our doggie needs.

Finally we have to talk about the wonderful staff at Rondivills. From the first time we visited to view the daycare facilities we were welcomed by the staff. Since then we have gotten to know all of the staff at Rondivills as regular daily users of the various services which are on offer and can wholeheartedly say that they are all absolutely wonderful, they take great care of Rufus and we could not ask for more

If you are looking for somewhere for either doggie daycare, boarding or grooming then we could not recommend Rondivills more highly.”

—James, Emma and Rufus

“My husband and I just had to write in to share our personal Rondivills experience. Approximately six months ago we were offered an amazing job transfer to Vancouver for our native England. Our one hesitation was our nine year old cat Tetley. We were unsure if a long flight and relocation would be something she could tolerate. We contacted the wonderful staff at Rondivills via email enquiring about the logistics of such a move.

Their kind professional staff quickly reassured us so we sent Tetley in advance to Vancouver. Rondivills pet taxi picked her up at the airport and whisked her back to their lovely cat room. Where she was let out to explore and relax after her long trip.

We were ecstatic to arrive in Vancouver ten days later to see her happy, healthy and relaxed in her temporary home. Kudos to Rondivills we will always bring our cat back whenever we travel.”

—Elizabeth and Norman Stanfield
   and Tetley of course

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